God Will Guide You Through And Away From The Pain

Image by Christopher Harriot "Chr!s H@R!0T" Via Flickr

Whenever something happens in my life, my Mother tells me that nothing happens without God willing it. I want to believe so much that there is a plan, that God has set my destiny and there was nothing more or less I could have done. Do you feel the presence of God in your life?

6 thoughts on “God Will Guide You Through And Away From The Pain

  1. The picture is beautiful, and it really matches you short writings. Do you have any ways of releasing pain, or accepting it? What do you do when you hurt?

  2. The photo really is beautiful, I couldn’t believe it when I found it. I wish I knew the answers to those questions. Maybe I just fell in love with the wrong person? Maybe this is just a test we are going through before it can lead to better?

  3. Yes, I do feel and know God in my life. I would say that God allows you to go through things that will strengthen your character. However, I would struggle with God willing certain things in your life. For example – He doesn’t bring about sickness, but He allows it. I’m sure that comment will illicit many reactions, but that is my opinion.
    Love the photo. There is something about the sun’s rays through clouds to make you go “Wow”. Nature is a wonderful thing.

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