What Does Happiness Mean To You?

Image By Godo-Goday Via Flickr

I am trying to find meaning in my life. I am trying to be happy. This web page is a product of that. There is so much to see in the world, that I am trying to push hurt and anxiety away from myself to leave room for the hopefulness of those things. What makes you happy? What unburdens you and de-stresses your life?

3 thoughts on “What Does Happiness Mean To You?

  1. For me, Happiness comes from within, It’s the little things in life. Playing with a stray kitten, laughing or joking around with my brothers. Their’s a voice on the radio that can take the darkest of days and make them the most amazing. Writing, believing in my dreams. Happiness comes from within my soul, it’s a girl who doesn’t know Im alive, it’s my music, it’s the chase, it’s knowing my dreams are within reach, it’s my mothers face when I sing, even though im not good. Happiness is knowing God’s leading the way and when it’s all said and done…it will all be worth it.

  2. For me, just concentrating on the positive and good things in my life, that are a blessing to me, doesn’t leave much room for the hurt/anxiety to find a place to settle. Not that I don’t have these things comes into my mind, they do, but I believe it is when I allow them to take hold that they become dangerous. It’s about taking captive every thought that is not good, healthy and from God.
    In addition, I love to be outside, to get a better perspective on life. I then know that I am not the be all and end all. This world is bigger than me, with people who have bigger issues than me. Perspective is so important.
    And your flower, bright, warm, sunny – that so helps.

  3. I have found such difficulties in my life and all I want is the negativity to go away. I mean, of course I want more, but an end to suffering for the time being would be nice! Kate, the idea of taking captive thoughts that are not good and healthy seems a new idea to me. Thank you for that. Brian, reading your post made me smile. I hope you guys are both happy and smiling right now.

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