The Hummingbird

Image by jeffreyw Via Flickr

Birds are always awe inspiring. I think of how they glide through the air and am awe struck. Naturally, the hummingbird comes to mind. Did you know that the hummingbird’s heart beats approximately 1200 times per minute? And that they have a favorite color? Yup! It’s red! Have you ever seen one in flight? Sipping nectar? Can you imagine the wonder of a heart beat faster than we can visually see? The beauty of is it astounding! Please enjoy more facts about hummingbirds here:

To Believe

Image by photosteve Via Flickr

I guess I am creating this web page out of necessity. I need inspiration, motivation, a greater sense of self, as much as the next person does. I want to gather inspiring stories from all over the world and put it all in one place, to show you and to show myself. I want you to send me your stories so I can show the world too. It is very funny how life works, we tend to move towards what we need and want without our even knowing it. This is what I need and want. Inspiration coming from you to show myself and to show the world that goodness is alive, that hard work pays off, that love  is real and conquers all; and that to believe is the most powerful force in the world. What is it that drives you?

You Inspire Daily

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I’m starting this page because I know that I always need a little inspiration. Whether it is a kind word from a family member or friend or just a smile from someone during the day. I want to inspire you daily with whatever I can, and I want you to help inspire others daily.